About Bren Murphy

Bren Murphy Australia's Sobriety Coach
Bren Murphy Australia'Sober Coach

Bren Murphy is a certified personal coach with  12 years experience in clinical mental health.  As Australia's Sober Coach, Bren works alongside people who are in early recovery, adapting to sober life without alcohol.

How Sober Coach Australia works

As the person in recovery, you may choose to work with me as a sober sponsor, sober coach or sober companion or any or all of these roles.  My preferred role is as sober companion/coach, where we can form a therapeutic alliance to advance your recovery.  This means we work together either online or in person and actively plan and manage your recovery.
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How much does a Sober Coach cost in Australia

My rates are very reasonable for private 1 to 1 coaching and I make every effort to work alongside you as my schedule permits.  Please contact me for referral and I will share my fee structure.

What a Sober Coach Expects of You

You are committed to your recovery, in an independent state of health and expect share as much as you will learn about recovery.  Personal growth and self development is at the core of Sober Coach recovery programs, so it helps if you are open minded, accepting of the opportunity to change that sobriety offers you, and are willing to put in the work.