Newcastle Top 10 Family Friendly Spots

NEWCASTLE'S top 10 family friendly spots

1. Merewether Surfhouse
$10 Pizza while the kids play on scooters - win/win

2.Merewether Baths 
When the waves are big the best place to be is here - kids love a big sea pool

3. Anzac Bridge
What better view to spot the dolphins and whales

4. King Edward Park
Take a picnic on a sunny day  - spring or winter

5. Bar Beach 
The best family friendly beach for swimming

6. Juicy Beans Cafe
Kids play on the beach - you drink coffee (another win/win)

7. Blackbutt Park
Koalas, birds, reptiles, ducks and a park - what more do you need in a park?



8. Islington Park
If you have done just about every park - this one is a winner for bikes, scooters and something different



9. Newcastle Park Run
Take the dogs, the kids and go for a run





10. Merewether SkatePark
We like to watch the clever kids on a sunny day by the beach

  Where is your favourite family friendly spot in Newy?

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