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Bren Murphy Personal Coach

Bren Murphy is gaining certification as a Life Coach,  mentored by Anne Hartley in the heart-based method of personal coaching.  Bren Murphy comes to coaching after over a decade of success in his own small business.  Bren has a passion for online business and maintains a role as principal web design consultant at Organic Digital Agency.

Bren brings a passion and energy to personal coaching.   Bren is a devoted yoga practitioner and maintains a disciplined daily meditation practice.

Bren Murphy writes a candid and insightful personal blog at Bren Murphy.  He is also the founder and curator of Kindness Australia - a non-profit start-up based on the actions of kindness.

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  1. Something inspirational to share and make into a more satisfying life.


Thank you for reaching out, you can contact Bren directly on 1300 084 004